Retail & contract lighting


Have you ever wondered what convinced you to buy a certain item after walking around a store and being attracted, almost magnetized, by a certain product? Consumers are more inclined to purchase a product if this is cleverly illuminated.

In supermarkets we find “smart” LED luminaires with a very high CRI / Color Rendering Index (>90; >95). These lamps improve the appearance of meat, fish, fruit and cheese. Spotlights of RETAIL SELECTION are equipped with CRI>90 LEDs and they can be produced on request with CRI>95 or with specific LEDs – VE Plus (fruit, vegetables) and ME Plus (meat). The lighting system, of course, does not only concern the sale of food in supermarkets. The lighting adds value to any exhibiting space, the light is essential to present each item for sale, to create atmospheres, strongly transmitting the identity of the commercial space.

The ability to play with warm and cold shadows, the accurate and studied distribution of the light points allows the retailer to create an environment that inspires the sense of comfort, security and familiarity in the potential customer.

The RETAIL SELECTION range consists of well designed LED luminaires, back-lighting and track-lighting, available in 8 trendy colors and with WH Plus LED (suitable for clothes, jewelry and all products where it is necessary to highlight the white color of the surface) and VI Plus ( suitable for highlighting the color of the exposed product as fabrics or accessories). Let the customer enter in these unique and dedicated new atmospheres to induce positive feelings and persuade him to buy the product.


Light up your stores with LED luminaires of our RETAIL SELECTION to reach the goal.