30 years of production, research and development
dedicated to our magnificent project
the evolution of light

Who we are

Raina Group is the brand that brings together under the same name Ideallux - Appliances for industry and the tertiary, Lookup - Decorative fixtures and Colombo - Street and outdoor fixtures.


The group's mission is the design and production of lighting systems, made at the Cilavegna plant in the Province of Pavia and certified 100% Made in Italy.


Certification ISO 9001: 2008 100% Made in Italy certification issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers

Certificazione Made in Italy Certificazione CSQ Certificazione IqNet

Our Numbers

12,000 square meters of production plant.
7,000 sqm of warehouse.
100 resources employed.
3,800 active customers.
5/6 days Lead Time medium.


With a view to customer satisfaction and service optimization, Ideallux has put in place quality control processes with the aim of limiting defectiveness, which has been less than 1% (ISO statistical data of the last three years).

Market sectors

Lighting for industry, services, retail and food