The production sites of PEG PEREGO in San Donà di Piave and Arcore capannone 9 were illuminated with the leading LED waterproof fixture of Gruppo Raina article INNOVA.

With the collaboration of the technical sales staff of Elcon 2000, lighting checks and inspections were carried out in order to obtain excellent results regarding lighting and energy efficiency.

PEG PEREGO has chosen the product INNOVA after a depth examination of the technical-mechanical characteristics of the product, its efficiency, the simplicity of installation, the high percentage of recyclable materials, as well as the aesthetic appeal that characterizes the entire INNOVA range.

The energy savings percentage exceed 60%, and the lighting result guarantees very high levels of uniformity and excellent visual comfort for the operators.

INNOVA is confirmed as the most suitable product for lighting production sites and warehouses.

PEG PEREGO has chosen the article code INXP53N, the model from the INNOVA range suitable for the type of installation with a height of 6 meters.

INNOVA is not just a product, it is a complete range of lighting solutions.