Imagining The Future, Leonardo da Vinci
17 Julio 2023

“Imagining The Future. Leonardo da Vinci: In The Mind Of An Italian Genius”, is the first monographic exhibition on the Atlantic code in the United States in Washington DC.
The genius of Leonardo becomes ambassador of Made in Italy. The exhibition takes place at the Martin Luther King JR Memorial Library in Washington D.C., symbol of symbol of social aggregation and with a strong public vocation.
12 selected tables from the Codex Atlanticus, loaned by the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, were exhibited for the first time

Gruppo Raina, in collaboration with the electrical designer Francesco Barcella, took part in the realization of this prestigious project by illuminating the display cases that enclose the 12 tables, like in a casket.
The #taylormade solution of our product  #SOO, produced in only seven working day (from project to delivery), illuminates the works without shadows making them clear and perfectly legible.
We are very proud of this project #100% Made in Italy.